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My takeaways from the MRC Vegas 2024

Executive Summary: The MRC conference educated the community on payments and fraud technologies, offering eLearning courses and certifications. Attendees collected poker chips and had a chance to win prizes. The event provided a networking opportunity and technology providers showcased solutions for payments and fraud prevention, with specialized companies focusing on device intelligence and transaction fraud prevention. The conference swag, particularly from Visa, was impressive.

MRC Community

  • Audience - during the MRC conference, there was a noticeable absence of C-suite leaders and executive directors, especially from large technology providers, while mostly managers from the Trust and Safety and revenue teams attended on behalf of merchants.

  • Education - the core members aimed to educate the community on basic and emerging technologies in payments and fraud. They reminded the audience of eLearning courses and certifications.

  • Poker chips - attendees earned poker chips by interacting with technology partners. After collecting ten chips, they could enter a lucky draw to win prizes.


  • The event provided a wonderful avenue for attendees to meet and connect with both new and familiar faces. 

  • The air was filled with an electric buzz as event company dinners and parties brought people together in a joyous celebration. 

  • It was a memorable evening filled with excitement and meaningful interactions

Technology Providers

  • As anticipated, I discovered a variety of technology companies that provide solutions for payments and fraud prevention. Regarding payments, they offered solutions ranging from individual point solutions to entire payment orchestration platforms. When it comes to fraud prevention, the majority of companies specialize in device intelligence, behavioral biometrics, and transaction fraud prevention. This included various signals such as IP address, device, consumer IP, and combinations of these signals.

  • Swag: I was highly impressed with the quality of the conference swag, especially the offerings from Visa.

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Hi Dilara, Thank you for your note. That's one difference between MRC and Money2020: the latter is more attended by senior executives, whereas MRC is used as a platform for companies to nurture relationships with existing clients and vendors.



Unfortunately, I missed this opportunity to be there. Thanks for the summary. Bringing in top leaders could make future events even better. The different tech solutions they showed sound helpful for fighting fraud.

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