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What's the story behind 'Demystify Biometrics'?

Updated: May 9, 2023

Welcome to Demystify Biometrics!

This goes back to 2019, when I was working as a Sr. Product Manager at #miteksystems, San Diego, CA. There was a strong customer need to add a second factor of authentication to an existing identity document, something that provides strong evidence that you are who you claim to be, making sure that the owner of the identity document is submitting the document and not someone else on their behalf. And the second factor was #biometrics, which by its definition describes the physical or behavioral characteristics of a human being that are very unique to that person. This was my first hands-on exposure to the exciting world of biometrics. Because a photo of a person is already on an identity document, we decided to look into face biometrics as the modality for our product.

Since then, I have always been wanting to start my blog to 1) share my experiences and learnings with the community and 2) learn from the community.

Objectives for this community

My objectives for creating this community are:

  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry in the biometrics industry with a focus on biometrics security, privacy, and interoperability

  • Providing a platform for researchers to share and broadcast their expertise and research to the world

  • Demystifying biometrics so a layman can understand what is and isn't biometrics - plain English language without any jargon and acronyms

  • Creating dashboards for all things biometrics - jobs, conferences, federal and state laws, emerging startups, etc

Plans for posting content

I plan to interview renowned people in the areas of research, governments, and public and private organizations and provide a platform for them to share their experiences and learnings with the biometrics community so everyone can learn from each other. I am also going to create blogs on key biometrics topics including but not limited to biometrics template protection, managing privacy, liveness detection, federal and state biometrics laws, performance, and several other areas in the biometrics domain.

Your feedback

Your feedback is very valuable to me so I can interview folks and publish blogs/newsletters on topics that are of interest to you. So, please sign up for my blog and send me your feedback. I promise that I will review every message and respond to you. Thank you for reading my first blog! This is exciting.

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